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i've missed using my chromebook pixel :blobcatmelt:
re-installed chromeOS and pulled in a gentoo container :gentoo:

*slaps roof of France* this bad boy can fit so many Pays de la Loires in it

hi yes so I basically never talk about the whole open source thing out of fear of sounding like a broken record, but I'd like to throw a reminder out there about it all

- **Open communications technology allows us to organize securely**
- Open software allows us to verify with certainty that nothing malicious is happening
- Open licensing allows us to collaborate on projects to make them better for everyone
- Open software is generally free (price) or extremely cheap, meaning anyone can access it
- Using open software is easy and gets as hard as you want it to be.
- There's a wealth of information and people out there that can and will help you take back your technology. Ask and you shall receive.

The same cannot be said about restrictively licensed software to any degree.

compiler: illegal instruction
me: what's the instruction?
compiler: divide by 2

need more servers with hardware watchdogs...

it's the second of the month
time to rebuild :gentoo:

hold onto your hats

going to upgrade mastodon to version 3.1.4

cc @ayo

it's taken me about 4 days and i've finally figured out how to get the openstack apis installed on my laptop. now i just need to figure out how the agents and daemons work...

I'm streaming "Installing OpenStack on my laptop" 

Watch me install and document my OpenStack installation on my laptop.

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