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PSA: never use pgp/gpg keyservers

for the love of all things holy, just say no

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yay my armv7a builds completed.

time to upload them...

i should sink more money into these mastodon servers...

> enable proprietary gpu firmware loading in my initramfs
> now deep sleep causes reboots


that's an awful amount of spam going towards email addresses that look like Mastodon users.

i wonder what has changed in the world of spambots...

almost done updating armv7a stages to the may snapshot :blobcataww:

this toot was brought to you by someone reminding me that prefix delegation is a thing

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everyone: kubernetes
me: i just want an ipv6-only openstack cluster

This month is Mental Health Month. I struggled with bipolar alone for 30 years before seeking help and it took me several more years to make serious progress. If you're alone and hurting, go to the fucking doctor but don't expect miracles: it's a marathon not a sprint.

gpg ecc curve selection

best number?

Here will be the links for the live stream... (still aiming for 1100UTC or maybe just a bit later)

will be compiling :gentoo: entoo LIVE

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