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i have no idea what madot posting is all about; i just do it...

how do you solve the compiler chicken-and-egg problem?


* you probably don't want to run elasticsearch with that little ram
* if only run 1 sidekiq process (1 cpu per process), you might find the queue gets held up during busy times

other than that, 50GB/2TB is overkill

if i wanted to make my own earbuds, how would i go about it?

ahh i wanna play with mumble permissions so bad

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mumble has some really cool features but i don't have my own server that i'm an admin of :cry_kosaki:

git just show the abbreviated commit hash 

git-config(1) setting of the day: git config diff.submodule diff

my solar panel is charging one of my laptops (the arm chromebook tho)

green energy!

i wish there was an alternative to couchdb

@Miaourt everything could use object storage as a database

whether or not they should tho...

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