i really should write that support ticket to yubico

let's see if guc improves graphics performance

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getting emails from let's encrypt about upgrading from old clients, but the new clients still have issues...

gonna need to write some patches and issues

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nas boxes have been successfully relocated into the shed where it's colder, at least during the winter

tfw the only thing i need in firefox now is hardware-decoded video :3

yubikeys, capitalism 

hmm i need a matching mutt and vim theme...

...why am i looking at glusterfs georeplication... :blobcatthinking:

rockstar developers 

oh sorry i'm gonna be late to wizard stream

why do people host http/s on ports other than 80 and 443. just use virtual hosting...

my laptop's touchpad did something weird i think it might be a kernel bug :blobcataww:

i only want to access mumble over ipv6

i spend so much time in bed nowadays, i should volunteer for the low gravity studies and do some good in the world

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