maybe i should figure out how to run bind on my network...

hmm i guess i'm not gonna be able to renew my .eu domain...

hmm... i can't remember the fosdem talk about future computing architecture was

and i bet the person i was talking to about it regularly deletes their posts...

fridey :gentoo: updates

systemd-245.5 stablised, i'm a bit iffy on this (had issues before) but i'll try it out anyway

i really should read gdpr if i want to make new websites...

£90 set of Google Titan U2F keys
£10 hyperfido fido2 + u2f key

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huh, firefox doesn't yet have a ui for fido resident keys

chrome leading the way

Let's Encrypt is doing a donation drive

$50 and you can get a free coupon for a Yubico Security Key NFC

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