does anyone have any public funkwhale libraries that i can follow?

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hot gaming take 

i'm not a programmer 

so i found borderlands 2 is a 3d game that actually plays well on my laptop :blobcheerbounce:

i really wanna play some old xbox games 

it's for an project but my english not so good


fridey means :gentoo: updates (as i sync weekly)

american football 

:gentoo: 💢 

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Issue 11 is shipping to subscribers this week, and we have a few extra copies in the shop

the tools have an "EraseFlash" command, but not a WriteFlash

i could do with a flash image for the rk3399 tho
to try and recover my rock960c

honestly it's not the device i'm looking for any more; it's just a shame it doesn't exist

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