i'm looking at usb-c monitors but i don't think there is one with the feature combination that i'm looking for

suggest me some good android fedi clients

the problem with streaming my laptop screen while coding is that the aspect ratio is 16:10 instead of the normal 16:9

gonna stay in utc for as long as possible

while i don't have to learn it, i could probably do with learning a little bit of react rn

i wish i had some outdoor solar panels...

"The new system doesn't cure lonelyness. I think." Guess what does?

lonely.town :P


i rediscovered the joy of self hosting.

does that translate to wanting to move these Mastodon instances to my house...?

uh oh my laptop ain't booting correctly

i need to do something about my (lack of available) disk space

everyone playing acnh and i only just got into playing poswo with nso...

i might also consider upgrading all of these profiles to 17.1...

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i missed a couple of weeks so i have to deal with the virtual/shadow dependency

and i turned on my old laptop which hasn't been updated for months and that requires a... larger... set of updates

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A lonely little town in the wider world of the fediverse.