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Analysis paralysis 

Not entirely sure why I went with a CAS design for ChiFS Share metadata. Replacing hashes with simple identifiers would work just as well.

- Identifiers are namespaced to a single Share, so they can be much shorter. 4byte ints vs. 32byte hashes is pretty significant.
- Hash-agnostic, no need to come up with contingency plans for possible future hash function breakage.

- Shorter identifiers may be subject to enumeration attacks (not very relevant for ChiFS at the moment, there's no private metadata).
- No opportunity for incidental deduplication of metadata between Shares (I don't expect exact duplicates of metadata to be common, but Share mirroring might be a thing).
- Non-hash identifiers can't be used to validate content (not sure integrity checks are even useful on this metadata).

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I write most of my Elm code by means of copy-paste-modify. :blobcatnotlikethis:

Turns out that AnyEvent was leaking a reference to its internal state through $_ and my attempt to read a line from a file would overwrite that variable instead of creating a newly scoped $_.

Mystery solved.
Global variables, not even once.

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I feel like I'm debugging quantum entanglement in my code. A string I'm reading from a file in one part of the code ended up in the *internal state* of the event loop.

...that's not supposed to happen.

- Need more disk space.
- No room for more HDDs.
- HDDs have been up 6+ years.

Important life decisions. :blobcatsweats:

Mixed feelings about the Perl 7 announcement. I'm all for the version bump to leave the Perl 6 thing behind us and to signal that Perl is still somewhat alive.

I'm much less enthousiastic about changing language defaults. I'd take a "use v7;" over having to manually patch scripts depending on whatever version happens to be installed or, worse, having multiple versions installed and remembering how each script needs to be invoked.

The breaking changes appear to be minor though, so hopefully it won't affect much either way.

That misplaced disappointment when you write a script to test database integrity and it doesn't find any problems.

Waking up to a spam campaign on VNDB that has been going on for several hours. :cry_konata:

Why have a status page when you can just never have downtime in the first place. :blobcatfingerguns:

While vinyl records have made their comeback some time ago, I can't wait for MP3 compression artifacts to become the new hotness again.

Radio shows would be a lot more interesting if, instead of "top x most requested tracks", they'd have "random sampling of tracks that have been requested exactly once".

I am so much better at deleting entries from VNDB than adding new ones.

How risky would it be to put 4x14TB drives in a RAID5 setup.

With such large drives I have to wonder about their reliability. What are the chances of that surviving a RAID rebuild? :blobcatthinking:

> Push large commit to production.
> Monitor logs for errors.
> Monitor forums for complains.

...silence. It can't possibly be that I did something right. Surely everything will crash while I'm sleeping tonight.

I just realized I should have given Lasty Farson a COVID mask.

Bit late for that now.

Onii-sama e... what I'm currently watching, because the reviews were all way too positive. But 4 episodes in and my fears have all turned out to be true: Stupidly naive characters vs. overly asshole scheming characters, creating the worst kind of forced drama imaginable. No doubt this has a great story, but I can't handle it. :blobcatnotlikethis:

Ncdu 1.15.1 is out.

Because of course I can't release software without introducing new bugs. This fixes a build issue on older Linux systems and reverts to the previous "don't follow firmlinks" behavior on macOS.

Get it from

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