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"Report an issue on this page."

"Stalk the moderators when you disagree with a policy decision"
"Demand that others do all the work for you."

Need a simple HTTP reverse proxy to perform authentication and add a few headers before passing the request on to the application. I've done this before with Apache/mod_perl, but I'm not using Apache in this case. Wonder if I can fix something more lightweight. :blobcatthinking:

This happens a bit too often: someone loses access to both their VNDB account and the email associated with said account.

With no reliable way to verify ownership of their account, what am I to do? :blobshrug:

> Work with a full-screen terminal on laptop.
> Accidentally press a weird key combination that appears to disconnect tmux/ssh and fully clear the terminal.


Turns out that was caps+enter, which spawns a new terminal.

Another brilliant idea of mine got shot down. :blobcatsob:

When you're stuck between two implementation choices, you should just go with one and revise later if you're not happy with it.

...or so I keep telling myself, but I always seem to go with analysis paralysis instead.

The problem with battery-powered devices:

Every time the battery dies I let it stay dead for a few weeks while I contemplate if it's even worth replacing.

Every month I transfer money from Paypal to my bank account.

And every month I spend 30 minutes trying to find the button to do that. I swear Paypal hides it in a different place every time.

> 2400_wireguard-backport-v5.4.54.patch

Ah, Gentoo.

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Huh, why is an update from Linux 5.4.54 to 5.4.56 asking me about CONFIG_WIREGUARD? :blobcatthonking:

HTML5 question: What's the nicest way of auto-scrolling to an element on page load for URLs that did not include a part?

I now have a line of JS that sets location.hash on load if it's empty, but that has the downside of adding an entry to the browser's history. Using history.replaceState() instead will not scroll the page.

> select now()-interval '1 year ago';
2021-08-06 13:36:17.210886+02

...entirely correct, but not what I meant. :blobcatfacepalm:

Sigh. I keep accidentally pressing the power-off button that is so conveniently placed immediately above the backspace.

And I'm so glad Firefox remembers form state after an unclean shutdown, otherwise I'd have had to re-type the previous post. :blobcatnotlikethis:

Trade-offs in identifying forum posts 

(thread_id,post_number), where post_number indicates the posts position in the thread, without gaps.
Advantage is that this simplifies pagination, you can easily construct a link from a post id to the page where it's on, and the number of posts in a thread is equal to the highest post_number.
Disadvantage is that you can't delete posts without either leaving gaps (and reducing the number of posts/page) or renumbering other posts (and breaking links to it).

(thread_id, unique_id), a potentially discontinuous post identifier solves the disadvantages of a post_number, but makes resolving the link to the proper page containing the post more complex and more expensive, it also can't be used to count the number of posts in a thread.

(unique_id), just giving each post a globally unique id may simplify passing around the identifier, but comes with the additional disadvantage that you can't even construct a link to the appropriate thread without another lookup.

Spending an hour to find the best place to put a "delete this item" button in an edit form.

And I've still no clue.

As expected, the problem is subtle.

(Not my best bug report, but my brain is too fried do better at the moment)

cc @dredmorbius

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> I tried to create an account but did not get my activation mail. Help.

You know, I'd like to reply, but you'll not receive that either. :blobcatnervous:

I don't get it. I've bisected the problem to a single commit*, but no matter how long I look at it, I don't see why that causes the maximum RSS from grow from 11M to 248M. Valgrind isn't helping, it doesn't seem to be a leak.


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rsync 3.2.0 -> 3.2.2

And now some of my backups fail because rsync runs out of memory. :blobcatdead:

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