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Software updates in production are always a lost cause:
- If the software had bugs that affected you, you'd already have worked around them so you don't need the update.
- If the software had bugs that didn't affect you, you don't need the update either.
- Every other change is a potential regression for your use case.

Unfortunately, not updating at all tends to just defer the problem and potentially leaves you vulnerable to security issues, so you're fucked either way. Software sucks. :blobcatshrug:

Downgrade to mariadb 10.4.12, still without PAM: seems to fix the problem.

That's not just a tiny performance regression in 10.4.13. :blobcatglare:

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Affected process: mariadb.
Kernel rollback: no change.
OS image rollback: fixed.

Possibly related changes since last image:
- mariadb 10.4.12 -> 10.4.13
- system-wide removal of PAM (mariadb had the use flag, but it wasn't used, to my knowledge)

...which of these might be the culprit? :blobcatnervous:

Another system update, another massive CPU increase.

What did I do wrong this time? :blobcatsob:

That moment when you're running an SQL query to get the current date and time just so you can avoid duplicating the timestamp formatting code.

Way too long post about spam filters 

Funny how I've come almost full circle with regards to email spam filtering.

I started out with the usual spam filter configuration that would throw detected spam into a separate mailbox that I would only check once in a blue moon.

But then that spam filter would occassionally have false positives and I would end up reading important mails waaaay too late.

Then I came to the conclusion that, if I had to check both my regular inbox and my spam box every day anyway, what's the point of having a spam box in the first place? So I got rid of the spam filter and worked like that for a few years (surprisingly doable).

Then I figured I spent a bit too much time getting distracted by spam, so I re-added a spam filter just as a prioritization mechanism: mails marked as spam I would only check once a day, everything else I could check instantly. This helped me be more productive.

But the spam filter ended up working too well, it's never had a single false positive in 5 years, so now I'm back to rarely checking my spam box... and I can totally see this cycle repeating itself.

"(13 images in lossless PNG format, ~4MB total, will take some time to load)"
- Me, 2008.

Damn that's smaller than the average page size nowadays.

The upside of living in a tourist area: it's like you're always on holiday.

The downside: tourists.

The joy of using XML for data: can't decide if a piece of information should be an attribute or a child element.

Another tip: Make sure to turn on the kettle if you want to make tea. Just filling it with water turned out to be insufficient.

Tip: Add some extra swap space before upgrading Gitea. Migrations tend to eat memory.

> Have idea for a simple feature.
> Ask community for feedback on idea.
> Get proposals for excellent but complex alternatives and improvements.
> Confused about what to do.

Happens every time.

Review of Elysium Fire by Alastair Reynolds 

Borrowing @antolius's book review format.

Score: ⭐⭐❔❔❔

A good franchise being milked.

* I still like Reynolds writing style. Technical, but not dry.
* The same wonderful setting of the Revelation Space Universe.

* Bland detective story.
* Unsympathetic characters everywhere.
* Highly predictable plot.
* No interesting new technology, aliens or insights.

This would have been a much better read if the "good" and "bad" guys switched roles halfway, or a similar twist. Unfortunately, this book lacks both the ambition and creativity of Reynolds earlier works.

These Perl 7 discussions are encouraging me to give Raku a more serious look for future projects.

I mean, why stick with Perl when I can't rely on it to keep working in the future, anyway.

Sometimes I can code non-stop for a full day, other times I feel worn out after a few hours. 💤

Another large-ish update pushed to prod. 🤞

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Talking about year-old breakage I've been too lazy to fix:

$ man man
could not launch PAGER: No such file or directory

Not in the mood to figure out why man doesn't like my PAGER, so I end up just piping to less as a workaround. :blobcatnotlikethis:

DDG search integration with Firefox broke yet again (last week). I wonder how long it'll take me this time to get annoyed enough to look for a fix...

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