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"These views were voiced by the school of 'optessimists,' i.e. philosophers who derived optimism for the future from a pessimistic appraisal of the present."
- from The Twenty-first Voyage by Stanislaw Lem.

I now have an extra term with which to describe myself.

s/([^ ]+)Builder/\1Factory/g

Making Rust more familiar to Java programmers.

On average I ban 5 accounts per day from VNDB's voting system.

Seriously, the amount of effort people put into manipulating game rankings is just... sad.

> Use a statically typed language with algebraic data types.
> Use zero and empty string as special "unknown" values.

I need a break from unemployment, been working too hard lately.

I should update my kernel more often.

But I hate kernel configs.
And reboots. :blobcatoh:

You'd have to be a very weird person to register your domain at Google with all these horror stories.

:blobcatthinking: :blobcatthinkOwO: :blobcatfacepalm:

I couldn't stop myself from implementing a simple but effective optimization anyway. New CDF looks much better for the majority of pageviews, but this measurement does have more outliers. I think someone was playing around with slow search filters yesterday... :blobcatnervous:

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weeb take 

Real humans are so ugly.

I often see applications implemented with separate task queues (e.g. Ruby's resque, the many MQ's, etc), but all background jobs I've written so far simply used the state of the database to figure out what to do next (e.g. a "last updated" timestamp can be used to determine which items to update next, setting a cache column to NULL to indicate it should be recalculated, etc).

I'm curious if there's any literature comparing these approaches.

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hasn't needed a reboot for two weeks now. I'm sure something is broken.

Even more recessive option: I still have a bunch of 1TB drives from my old NAS, I'll copy the backups on those and store them at a friend's place.

Who needs this cloud stuff anyway.

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ncdu 1.15

This release adds support for excluding Linux pseudo filesystems, handles firmlinks on MacOS, fixes a few bugs and maybe introduces a few new ones as well.

Get it from
(or from your local dealer/package manager once they've updated)

I've been using Scaleway's C14 Classic for cheap cloud backups, but now they're migrating to some S3-like-object-whatever-stuff and I can't use plain old rsync+ssh anymore.

Will I have to get on with the times or will I find an alternative provider that keeps supporting rsync? Stay tuned to find out!

And while I'm in the process of doing fun measurements, here's a CDF of VNDB's page generation times (clipped to 250ms).

I started logging which Elm modules are used on pages, so that I can create smaller Javascript bundles for the most common modules.

I really like that "no modules at all" is by far the most common case.

I sure post a lot about Postgres-related things, do I ever work with other software? :blobcatthinkOwO:

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