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Got tripped up by a MutexGuard again. Can't do a double deref_mut() on those.

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> Listen to large playlist on shuffle
> Awesome track comes up
> Instantly press 'Next'

I don't have time to get distracted by awesome music. :geblobcatshrug:

How do you do conditional compilation depending on the Rust version?

Why of course, by adding a dependency! :blobcatnotlike:

Been wondering if I should rename the "Hub" part of ChiFS. I've named it after Direct Connect because they have a similar place in the network architecture, but their functionality is pretty different: a DC hub acts like a (real-time) message router whereas the ChiFS counterpart is more like a search engine.

But what else to name it? Tracker, Server, Directory, Index, Registry, ..? :blobcatthinking:

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Me: *have 6 projects*

Me: "Oh hey what if there was a thing that"

Me: *have 7 projects*

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♻️ VPRO documentary: Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism 

After a break of almost a year, I'm picking up development of ChiFS again:

That break gave me some time rethink a few choices I made, so I have a bunch of breaking protocol changes planned (since nobody's using this stuff yet anyway):

- BLAKE2 -> BLAKE3, because it uses a tree mode by *default*.
- JSON -> Bencode, primarily because encoding lots of hash data to hex or base32 is slow and awkward.
- A git packfile-inspired share synchronization protocol, hopefully allowing efficient sync up to 100 million files (current protocol tends to get somewhat inefficient after 1 million files per share).

Coding on a laptop while lying in bed: Comfortable, but the lack of sufficient natural light makes my eyes hurt after a day.

Rust is not a very productive language for someone who's obsessed with auditing and minimizing dependencies. :blobcatnotlike:

Me, trying get back to an old Rust project, greeted by a wonderfully useless error message. What crate is it even complaining about?

> Spend hours architecting a file-based storage format with caches supporting efficient operation.
> Conclude that the lack of transactional storage is going to make cache coherency a huge pain.
> Conclude that it's going to be a pain even with a transactional KV store.

I should just use SQLite. :meowneutral:

No-context data exchange format poll.

I added temporary server-side analytics to a VNDB feature to see if it was being used, but I haven't a clue how to interpret the metrics.

Most people who opened the feature didn't really interact with it. Did they just click out of curiousity? Did it look too confusing? I can't tell. The people who did interact with it, did they just play around or did they get actual value out of it? Again I can't tell.

Really, what's the point of tracking user behavior? I'd be much better off taking the direct approach and asking for feedback.

I've been deleting advertisement upload spam from Zerochan with "not anime" as reason.

For some reason it's still not occurred to them to add anime characters to their ads. :blobcatshrug:

A million image flagging votes in just under a month. :blobcheer:

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A relatively standard Gentoo configuration comes with 4 installed python versions at the moment. :blobcattilt:

Misplaced feature request:

rsync -a server_a:/src server_b:/dest

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