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That moment when PHP gets updated and you forget to copy over the relevant php.ini and the site ends up spewing out its own code. :blobcatfacepalm:

"Why's my PC making so much noise?"

"Oh, of course, I'm updating :gentoo:"

The world is fucked 

"A library like elm/parser will probably lead to better code in the long run."
- elm/regex documentation for almost every function.

No, Elm, regular expressions are awesome for many use cases where parser combinators are unnecessarily complex and verbose.

Write a two paragraph blurb on a technical subject: 5 minutes.

Write a short biography: Barely a sentence in 1 hour.

I'm not sure if that means I'm really interested in myself or if it means the exact opposite.

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Is there any "sqlite killer"?

I mean a reliable data store, sql or not, which can be _painlessly_ integrated into an application?

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Creating a form for 17 (potentially more) complex-but-similar fields: Implement each field individually with lots of repeated data and code (KISS), or write a potentially complex abstraction plus code generator (DRY). :blobcatthinking:

Oh hey, I just noticed that FreeBSDs `pkg' tool switched from libexpat to my little yxml library. How cool is that? :blobcataww:

Ah, wait... the table is referenced from 6 other tables that are missing an index on the referencing column, so it's probably doing 800 sequential scans on 6 tables. These are not visible in EXPLAIN.

It all makes sense now.

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=> SELECT ..;
> 1 second, 800 results

> 3 minutes


Hard problem: Selecting one row at random (uniformly) from a large table.

Harder problem: Selecting a random row with weights from a large table.

The singular and plural forms for nouns should be abolished from the English language.

I keep mixing up variable names.

Waking up without new mail in my inbox.

Did my mailserver break? Doesn't look like it. :blobcatthinking:

And I'm really disappointed that there are no better solutions to the Polymorphic Associations problem. This is something I run into quite regularly and all the proposed solutions suck in their own way.

Algebraic data types and conditional foreign key references ought to be a thing in SQL.

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Been reading through SQL Antipatterns by Bill Karwin. It's pretty fun to read up on the many database modelling mistakes that I've (almost) made in the past and it clearly shows that database design is far more a matter of engineering trade-offs than a science.

Unfortunately, the proposed solutions are often limited to a common subset of SQL, with a slight bias towards MySQL rather than The One True Database™.

(Which, as we all know, is PostgreSQL)

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