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cgit: Loads in less than a second, adds ~100MB to Firefox RAM.

gitea: Takes 6 seconds to load a truncated version, ~800MB.

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And the first thing I do in 2020 is push out a major update that has the potential to break stuff and make people angry. But with great risk comes great reward!

Hopefully. :blobcatnervous:

Another successful new years celebration! Managed to sleep through the fireworks just fine.

Happy new year! :blobcathug:

now has a few basic server stats. Should be enough to tell me when it needs another reboot. :blobcatthinksmart:


0 is false in Perl, that || ("false or x") should be // ("undef or x").

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{a => 0, b => 1, c => 2}->{$var}||1;

Took me far too long to spot the error. :blobcatfacepalm:

106 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 13750 deletions(-)

(but damn I hadn't realized how large that subproject was)

The world does not need yet another programming language, but my brain is designing one anyway.

No, brain, I'm not going to implement it.

Just received a 0.71 USD affiliate payout for 2019. :blobcheer:

As much as I hate telemetry and telemetry-oriented development, such statistics do have value sometimes.

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:blobcatthinking: "I'm pretty sure nobody uses this feature, so I can safely delete it."

:blobcatthinksmart: "Wait. The feature causes a preference to be set, I can check the database to see how many people use it!"

:blobcatthinkOwO: "2200 users..."

Oh cool, my 9 years old OCaml/GTK application does still compile. :blobcathappy:

Any devs on MacOS Catalina interested in digging into a weird issue?

"Hmmm I need the functionality provided by that code in this other code, but I can't re-use it directly. Let's take a break for the next two days and hope my brain comes up with a solution."

Why I'm slow at writing software.

Aargh why don't I have 30TB of SSDs connected to all my servers? Would make life so much easier.

(Except I'm sure at that point I'd be complaining that it would have to be 100TB or more...)

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I'm running out of disk space. Perfect time to fill up that last 1% with end-of-the-year backups.

Why does net-vpn/wireguard-tools suddenly want to have the linux sources installed? :blobcatnotlikethis:

Welcome to the slowest Mastodon instance of the fedi! :blobcatnotlike:

@subleq I shut down ES for now and we're back to acceptable levels. That block storage is way too slow for swap. :blobcatnervous: And podman/fuse-overlayfs has pretty insane memory overhead, might help if we schedule a daily restart of all containers to stop them from grabbing increasingly more RAM.

Also, mind if I install collectd and connect it to my server for some fancy graphs?

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