Playing with dynamically generated inline SVGs is a fun distraction, but I don't think I should be allowed anywhere near graphical design. Can't really say this is an improvement over the wall of numbers.

(CW: more suggestive images)

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I really ought to follow a course or two on statistics, I haven't a clue what I'm doing right now. :blobshrug:

My hobby: Writing 10+ variations of the same query to see what the PostgreSQL planner makes of it.

It's always fun to see completely different plans result in near-identical performance.

git commit -m '$X considered useful.

In response to commit ac5j3...'

@alcinnz Signing up for a self-hosted service is what I consider an acceptable barrier to contribution, but if you accept alternative contribution paths then that's always worth mentioning.

I prolly don't even need that USE="http", but too lazy to maintain another entry in package.use when this problem will likely solve itself given enough time. :blobshrug:

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subversion[http] depends on serf depends on scons[python2_7].

Another :gentoo: system not-quite-yet freed from Python 2.7.

@minus It adds a new tagged-integer type for VNDB identifiers (e.g. 'v17', 'p123', etc). There are other ways to do that, but not nearly as convenient or efficient.

Welp, was killed by podman overhead again.

I should stop being lazy with those weekly reboots.

So I actually just wrote a PostgreSQL extension in C.

And it actually works. :blobcatsurprised:

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I keep wanting to write a custom PostgreSQL base type. It'd be a pretty neat solution but I'm not sure the operational complexity is worth it.

Postgres in a development environment: "Hey, I know how to generate a good execution plan for this query!"

Same Postgres in production: "Uuuhm let's just do a full table scan." :blobcatfacepalm:

@tyil For some reason I always spend at least an hour fiddling with various transformations and options even for a quick-and-dirty plot. GnuPlot's defaults are more often than not wrong and the options aren't always intuitive.

(I still have nightmares from dealing with a date axis...)

@wolf480pl Hmm, not a bad idea. Going to be challenging throwing all numbers in a small and readable histogram though.

GnuPlot is great when you have the patience to figure out which magical incantations you need to get the graph you want, but it's bad for the quick "I have some data, make a good enough plot out of it" use case.

Unfortunately, I've yet to find an easier alternative. :blobcatoh:

Surprisingly appropriate way to end a hentai.

Graphviz is neat, but creating nice-looking graphs is still a challenge.

My latest attempt: dynamically generated relation graphs for producers:

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