A major Dutch news broadcaster moved their online videos to a DRM'ed platform. Now I can't even watch the news anymore. :blobshrug:

It's embarrassing how often I type 'make' in the psql shell.

@wolf480pl I lied, they're not radars, they're radio telescopes. So most likely no.

@wolf480pl That's what we used to do at my last job (~150 VMs), I really didn't like it.

You need to expose your auth server to *all* VMs, so it becomes a potential security risk.

Single point of slowness and failure. If the network isn't very responsive, expect services running on the VMs to go down (happens even in a local network, apparently).

I much prefer deploying SSH keys with your preferred management system, Ansible or whatever.

That moment when you're about to implement the final element of a feature and you realize the data model doesn't support it.

@subleq indeed.

Why am I using cronie with PAM anyway? :blobconfused:

Lonely's backups were broken for a week because cron didn't work.

Note to self: Restart cronie when PAM is updated.

Elm: "You can't have more than 3 elements in a tuple, please create a record type."

Me: *Nests tuples inside tuples*

I'm an adult now, please let me make bad decisions.

@Miaourt They're working on pluggable storage backends, so perhaps in the distant future. You can also store tables on tmpfs.

...that said, such a feature isn't very Postgres-like.

re: Analysis paralysis 

@wolf480pl Some of the metadata is potentially attacker-controlled, so collisions are indeed a concern.

Probably easy enough to mitigate by throwing a randomly generated string in the metadata file if that ever becomes necessary.

Analysis paralysis 

Not entirely sure why I went with a CAS design for ChiFS Share metadata. Replacing hashes with simple identifiers would work just as well.

- Identifiers are namespaced to a single Share, so they can be much shorter. 4byte ints vs. 32byte hashes is pretty significant.
- Hash-agnostic, no need to come up with contingency plans for possible future hash function breakage.

- Shorter identifiers may be subject to enumeration attacks (not very relevant for ChiFS at the moment, there's no private metadata).
- No opportunity for incidental deduplication of metadata between Shares (I don't expect exact duplicates of metadata to be common, but Share mirroring might be a thing).
- Non-hash identifiers can't be used to validate content (not sure integrity checks are even useful on this metadata).

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I write most of my Elm code by means of copy-paste-modify. :blobcatnotlikethis:

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