...and I can't get the inverse approach (--files-from) to work at all.

Fuck it, I'll just download everything and delete what I don't need.

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I should probably not be surprised that an rclone sync with 150k exclude patterns is kind of slow.

@AliMirjamali Aye, doesn't come up anymore. :blobshrug:
I'll try some stuff tomorrow, but it'll likely have to go back for warranty.

Been experimenting with running Mastodon directly on Gentoo, but the first system update already broke it. I'm impressed.

Not sure if I should be thankful for the new login and privacy popups each time I open a Youtube or Google page.

I already tried to avoid opening such links as much as possible, but this extra annoyance helps as an additional deterrence.

@rei j/k, I expect it'll be enough for a few years. I need large disks because I only have 6 SATA slots in my fileserver, which are currently all in use with 4TB drives.

First world problems: I expected that I could do an overnight single-pass badblocks test, but 8 hours later and it's still at 70% in the writing phase.

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Dutch TV show discussing The Social Dilemma. 10 minutes later: "Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!"

They didn't get the message.

> Check log for errors.
:blobcatthinking: Hmm, that's a lot.

:blobcatfearful: ...

:blobcatfacepalm: Wait, this isn't the prod server, this is my development environment.

(I certainly hope that Perl 7 isn't going to end up with similar madness)

@subleq I do mean multiple versions installed at a time, since some projects only work with node 13 while you may want to use 14 for others.

And the common practice in the JS world of locking package versions implies that a project is also locked to a particular node version.

Interesting that Gentoo doesn't use separate slots for major nodejs versions, considering how much breakage each version introduces.

It works when I rebuild ruby without jemalloc. Odd, considering the Masto docs recommend jemalloc. Oh well.

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What USE flags does Mastodon need for ffmpeg? There's so many. :blobcatfearful:

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