Playing with dynamically generated inline SVGs is a fun distraction, but I don't think I should be allowed anywhere near graphical design. Can't really say this is an improvement over the wall of numbers.

(CW: more suggestive images)

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Surprisingly appropriate way to end a hentai.

RIP Nora.
My best friend on four legs.
Playful, curious and energetic.
All the way to the end.

@wasamasa linking to an old Geocities site reminded me that I, too, created beautiful sites at some point.

Seriously, this looks so much better than anything I've designed in recent years. The page is probably from 2005-something based on that Firefox button, but I believe the layout is a bit older than that.

How typing 'if' instead of 'for' creates a bug that allows people to bypass an authentication check. :blobcatfearful:

Huh, recent :gentoo: update and suddenly my terminal colors are much darker. Sakura wasn't part of the update though. GTK was, but... why?

This is the first time I'm actually being asked what I entered into those utterly pointless "security" question fields. :blobcatfacepalm:

Yay for password managers, though.

While I'm strongly against government censorship of websites, I do appreciate the Roskomnadzor's approach of sending an email to website owners before their domain is being blocked.

Zerochan is getting blacklisted in Russia because of these two images. A *wonderful* example of overreaching censorship.

Dog's with me again for another week! :blobcathug: (She's going all "I know you're taking a picture of me so I'm going to pretend I'm sleeping")

A lonely little town in the wider world of the fediverse.