I couldn't stop myself from implementing a simple but effective optimization anyway. New CDF looks much better for the majority of pageviews, but this measurement does have more outliers. I think someone was playing around with slow search filters yesterday... :blobcatnervous:

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And while I'm in the process of doing fun measurements, here's a CDF of VNDB's page generation times (clipped to 250ms).

I started logging which Elm modules are used on pages, so that I can create smaller Javascript bundles for the most common modules.

I really like that "no modules at all" is by far the most common case.

Two Rust crates to interact with a PostgreSQL database:

postgres: A simple blocking API.
diesel: A complete query builder and ORM.

Their dependency trees tell a very different story.

Me, trying get back to an old Rust project, greeted by a wonderfully useless error message. What crate is it even complaining about?

Hardware updates for the inline skating season. :blobcatfingerguns:

"Just throw some variable-sized boxes on a page with float:left" vs. fixed-width proper box packing.

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And once again DDG is giving me Russian results for an ordinary query. Here's my attempt to confirm the plural spelling of leaf.

But this time there's absolutely nothing in the HTTP request indicating a language/region preference. :blobconfused:

Managing column-level permissions for tables with many columns is... a mess.

Playing with dynamically generated inline SVGs is a fun distraction, but I don't think I should be allowed anywhere near graphical design. Can't really say this is an improvement over the wall of numbers.

(CW: more suggestive images)

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Surprisingly appropriate way to end a hentai.

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