Playing around with some Masto internals. There's probably a better way to do this than querying the database directly, but here's a nice summary of where media storage goes to for this instance.

Mostly cached remote content, as expected.

Downgrade to mariadb 10.4.12, still without PAM: seems to fix the problem.

That's not just a tiny performance regression in 10.4.13. :blobcatglare:

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Affected process: mariadb.
Kernel rollback: no change.
OS image rollback: fixed.

Possibly related changes since last image:
- mariadb 10.4.12 -> 10.4.13
- system-wide removal of PAM (mariadb had the use flag, but it wasn't used, to my knowledge)

...which of these might be the culprit? :blobcatnervous:

Another system update, another massive CPU increase.

What did I do wrong this time? :blobcatsob:

I couldn't stop myself from implementing a simple but effective optimization anyway. New CDF looks much better for the majority of pageviews, but this measurement does have more outliers. I think someone was playing around with slow search filters yesterday... :blobcatnervous:

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And while I'm in the process of doing fun measurements, here's a CDF of VNDB's page generation times (clipped to 250ms).

I started logging which Elm modules are used on pages, so that I can create smaller Javascript bundles for the most common modules.

I really like that "no modules at all" is by far the most common case.

Two Rust crates to interact with a PostgreSQL database:

postgres: A simple blocking API.
diesel: A complete query builder and ORM.

Their dependency trees tell a very different story.

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