By the time I've redesigned my sites to work on mobile, phones will have been phased out and everyone interacts with the web through neural implants.

(That's a roundabout way of saying I suck at design and tend to avoid working on it)

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@ayo it can't be that hard, just a few media queries...
*notices table*
uh... ok maybe it will be hard...

@ayo I wonder if it's possible to convert table to flex with pure CSS. I'll let you know if I figure something out.

@wolf480pl HTML/CSS isn't even the biggest pain point. The problem is making sure you even have a good layout that works on mobile. That involves a lot of trials and testing with various data values.

...and you have to repeat that for every unique page.

Damn, that sounds like O(m * n) manual testing, i.e. a lot.

So I guess this thing that turns the homepage's table into a responsive flex won't be very helpful...

@ayo Laptops are making a comeback thanks to kids around the world remote schooling. I hope many of them have their school work in one tab, VNDB in another, zerochan in another and ACDB in another. xD

@rei Welcome! :blobcathug:

And that'd be great, means less pressure to make a mobile-friendly design.

@ayo Thanks! ^_^

With a whole generation of kids needing laptops now, TV's larger than ever with a PS5 soon to come out - the trend of mobile might finally slow or even reverse.

Accel World style neural implants would at least be more fun to code for than mobile. Haha.

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