Fuck websites that capture the '/' key to focus on their own search input. I want to search the page, not the site.

(Or maybe I should instead lament the sad state of Tridactyl, in that it can't/doesn't prevent this behavior)

@ayo agh, yes. I hit this on github and a few other sites. sometimes hitting esc and then / again works, sometimes I have to go into the hamburger menu and just select "find in this page". Awful.

@brad @ayo just tested this out on Firefox with Vimium-FF, it seems to override Github's / keybinding (although Vimium uses it's own search thing, not Find in Page).


while we're swearing at the web, fuck sites that show up in search results and all they have is a search bar of their own and "no results found". particularly lyrics sites that pretend they have a particular lyric. but they don't. because they are fucking liars.

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