rsync 3.2.0 -> 3.2.2

And now some of my backups fail because rsync runs out of memory. :blobcatdead:

I don't get it. I've bisected the problem to a single commit*, but no matter how long I look at it, I don't see why that causes the maximum RSS from grow from 11M to 248M. Valgrind isn't helping, it doesn't seem to be a leak.


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As expected, the problem is subtle.

(Not my best bug report, but my brain is too fried do better at the moment)

cc @dredmorbius

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@wolf480pl The logic in the two commits look the same to me, neither will allocate if count==0.

@ayo ok I can't read, didn't notice "count ?" at the beginning, sorry

@ayo you can start bisecting the hunks of the patch - add .patch to that URL, download that, revert the commit locally, edit the .patch file, and use 'git am' to apply the modified .patch

@dredmorbius That doesn't explain why a new minor version suddenly uses 20+ times more memory. Doesn't seem to be an intentional change either, from what I can see.

...still debugging.

@ayo Ok. I'd been aware of that bug.

Same version of rsync on both sides?

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