Is there value in publishing book reviews under a Creative Commons license?

I mean, reviews don't seem like the type of content to benefit much from remixing - apart from quoting parts, which is always allowed anyway - and it doesn't seem to have much sharing/republishing value other than for shitty sites wanting cheap content for SEO.

If you go for a more restrictive license, are you then going to DMCA all those websites that use it for shitty SEO?

@wolf480pl Unlikely, but if that mattered in my license choice I should be using CC0 on all my code rather than (A)GPL.

@ayo with software, there are honest people who will act differently depending on what license you choose.

With book reviews, honest people only want to quote.

@ayo It’s nice for i.e. #OpenLibrary that can copy your review as description. You can use @lib_reviews.

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