I should update my kernel more often.

But I hate kernel configs.
And reboots. :blobcatoh:

@ayo The kernel config rarely updates for me, but I feel you on the rebooting thing. Having to close all my open windows, and having to pause my music for a minute. I always tell myself "I'll do it when I'm not doing anything important", which generally means I won't do it until I do something stupid that forces me to reboot. (And then I realize I didn't grub-mkconfig yet, so I have to reboot *again*.)

@tyil My kernel installation just:

cp -b arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/kernel

so I don't have to worry about grub stuff. But yeah, reboots.

And I stick with LTS kernels for too long just to avoid having to look at .config. :blobshrug:

@ayo I just keep using the .config I made when I first set up the system. I believe genkernel does do some magic to keep it working, though.
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