Been getting surprisingly many Russian results in DDG recently. :blobcattilt:

Looks like the "DuckDuckGo HTML" search engine I installed in Firefox includes a region setting. Sigh.

Any alternatives?

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@ayo Hmm, you could remove the search engine, then go to (maybe switch to your language specifically), and then click "add search engine" in the search bar? *Should* do the trick.

@rixx The only option available is "Add a keyword for this search". I don't see how to set that as default search engine. I'm sure this used to be easier in earlier versions of Firefox.

@ayo I'm using "DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials", fwiw, but just adding the search link should work, too, possibly with for ease of use/ for ease of editing.

I mean. Relative ease 😬

@rixx So I can choose between letting DDG run code in my browser even when I'm not using DDG or using an extension with the following disclaimer:

"Due to a technical limitation with Firefox WebExtensions, all data entered when creating your custom search engine is uploaded to"

Browsers nowadays. :blobcatnotlike:

@ayo @rixx It used to be very easy to add a custom search engine and set it as default in Firefox. However, a dozen or so releases ago stuff was changed around. I used to use my own Searx instance for search, but trying to install it now just shows "Nightly could not download the search plugin from:", even though opening the link directly shows an XML file just fine. I've asked on their IRC channel, but nobody had any kind of answer that would even nudge me into the right direction.

They also moved stuff around which made it next to impossible for me to remove harmful features forced in by Mozilla from my Firefox builds. In this particular case the IRC channel unanimously agreed I should just write my own browser if I wanted any customization.

Firefox has long since given up on being a browser that took it's userbase's needs and wishes seriously in my opinion. But they know quite well that "just write your own browser" isn't something any one person can easily do.

@libre Huh, I thought they had dropped OpenSearch support. That works, thanks!

Qwant (easy) or provider searx (gotta look one up to arbitrarily trust, medium), self-hosted searx (gotta look up everything all at once, goodluck, extreme)

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