I'm used to interactively browsing, searching and filtering log files with `less`, but some operations (especially filtering) tend to get *really* slow with >100MB log files. :blobcattableflip:

@ayo if it's logs, did you considered `lnav`?
I don't have benchmarks under my hand but `ripgrep` (aka rg) may be really faster

@duponin `lnav` looks interesting. I don't care much for its log parsing capabilities (most of the logs I work with are application logs that dont have a known format), but maybe it can deal with that just fine as well.

I haven't really had a good reason to try out ripgrep yet, GNU grep is more than fast enough for me.

@ayo hm then where/what's your performance issue?
It's string search in Less?

@duponin Filtering inside `less` can be slow, yes. `grep $file |less` is much faster but less convenient.

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