I think I'm going to reimplement something that requires Javascript into something that requires a page refresh. Much simpler to code.

But I wonder how many people will complain. :blobcatnotlikethis:

@Wolf480pl In the best case scenario they don't care.

The only people who care about a JS-free experience are weird nerds like us. Everyone else is head over heels in love with near-instant UI interactions. It's bloated JS that people don't like, but that's not what I was replacing...

@ayo I once asked a group of hackers to test a site that needed refreshing values. The laughed out loud (I would too) and then started their attempts. After an hour of fun they gave up, they never found out why but I coded the same on serverside :-) The Js was to warn the user their time was up without refreshing a page until the time was up :-)

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