I want to like Matrix, but... 

- Weechat-Matrix is a pain to install.
- Weechat-Matrix loses connection every two minutes and somehow this is the server's fault.
- Weechat-Matrix becomes unusable for 10 minutes when joining a new room while it's trying to sync the room data.
- There are no other working TUI clients.
- Joining a new room also takes 10 minutes in the Riot web client.
- The latency from> is measured in days(!).
- The latency between<-> is still 20s+.
- The Riot web client feels very sluggish.
- It's a federated network so I've no idea where to complain and everyone blames the other peer.

re: I want to like Matrix, but... 

@ayo I'm feeling ya, every time I want to seriously give Matrix another try, I am severely disappointed. And the community in is blaming me for finding it too slow. I've been told to just install my own server and make my own client, and to not create any bots to reduce server load. I would genuinely like to see them solve their issues, but it doesn't seem like they're going to do that anytime soon...

re: I want to like Matrix, but... 

@tyil Yeah, and it's not just the server.

Meanwhile every other communications platform out there is coping with the load just fine. :blobshrug:

re: I want to like Matrix, but... 

@ayo From my experience, most other communication platforms care more about their system's performance than the Matrix folk, where they seem to care more about politically correct virtue signalling. Performance improvements seem to be very low on the priority list of most Matrix developers.

re: I want to like Matrix, but... 

@tyil @ayo with their server implementation, does setting up your own really reduce load on anyway, when i tried, it required *a lot* of resources and would never sync a single room. probably because didn't want to waste resources copying the messages to my server..

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