As expected, the problem is subtle.

(Not my best bug report, but my brain is too fried do better at the moment)

cc @dredmorbius

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> I tried to create an account but did not get my activation mail. Help.

You know, I'd like to reply, but you'll not receive that either. :blobcatnervous:

I don't get it. I've bisected the problem to a single commit*, but no matter how long I look at it, I don't see why that causes the maximum RSS from grow from 11M to 248M. Valgrind isn't helping, it doesn't seem to be a leak.


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rsync 3.2.0 -> 3.2.2

And now some of my backups fail because rsync runs out of memory. :blobcatdead:

Random VNDB measurements.

98.46% of all pageviews do not modify the DB in any form.

16.74% of all pageviews are from users who are logged in, the rest are from anonymous visitors and bots.

I wonder if I can somehow track the ratio of read-only versus read-write transactions in PostgreSQL. :blobcatthinking:

...but it cuts off the page after 32k pixels or so. Not suitable for very long pages.

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Nevermind, it's still there - in the right-click page menu.

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I thought Firefox had a built-in feature to create full-page screenshots, but I can't find it now...

Is there value in publishing book reviews under a Creative Commons license?

I mean, reviews don't seem like the type of content to benefit much from remixing - apart from quoting parts, which is always allowed anyway - and it doesn't seem to have much sharing/republishing value other than for shitty sites wanting cheap content for SEO.

"We are looking to buy high volumes of traffic for tier 2+3 with limitless budget and your site portfolio seem perfect to us."

Whoooo! Exactly the offer I've been waiting for! Limitless budget! Now I can finally buy a villa by putting a plain text link on my site! :blobcathappy:

Why are links to the commit log often so hidden on git forges.

a.k.a. why is not every git forge UI awesome like cgit?

Huh, I didn't have to click through a cookie wall and email sign up modal to see today's weather.

Did the devs of the weather site come to their senses or did my Firefox config break and is it suddenly remembering cookies now? :blobcatthinkOwO:

> Add "report" button to open wiki
> Make *very* clear it should not be used for issues users can fix themselves.
> Used for issues users can fix themselves.

I don't know what I expected.

Fall asleep late, wake up early.

Must have been an evolutionary mistake somewhere in my genes.

"I've decided that vndb isn't as entertaining so I'd like my account deleted"


Will I ever remember which characters need quoting in Vim regular expressions? :blobcatnotlikethis:

Will I ever learn to bring water with me when going on longish hiking/cycling/skating trips?

This headache is entirely deserved.

Attempting to use libcmark to render a slighty modified Markdown dialect (without inline images and HTML, but with ||spoiler|| tags):

Miserable failure.

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Adding markdown as an additional option to a forum that always used bbcode, or add some more (unlikely to break existing posts) formatting codes to the existing bbcode? :blobcatthinking:

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