hasn't needed a reboot for two weeks now. I'm sure something is broken.

Even more recessive option: I still have a bunch of 1TB drives from my old NAS, I'll copy the backups on those and store them at a friend's place.

Who needs this cloud stuff anyway.

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ncdu 1.15

This release adds support for excluding Linux pseudo filesystems, handles firmlinks on MacOS, fixes a few bugs and maybe introduces a few new ones as well.

Get it from dev.yorhel.nl/ncdu
(or from your local dealer/package manager once they've updated)

I've been using Scaleway's C14 Classic for cheap cloud backups, but now they're migrating to some S3-like-object-whatever-stuff and I can't use plain old rsync+ssh anymore.

Will I have to get on with the times or will I find an alternative provider that keeps supporting rsync? Stay tuned to find out!

And while I'm in the process of doing fun measurements, here's a CDF of VNDB's page generation times (clipped to 250ms).

I started logging which Elm modules are used on pages, so that I can create smaller Javascript bundles for the most common modules.

I really like that "no modules at all" is by far the most common case.

I sure post a lot about Postgres-related things, do I ever work with other software? :blobcatthinkOwO:

Oh, uh, wow. Apparently DBD::Pg (Perl's postgres lib) can suddenly enable AutoCommit on a connection in some weird scenarios.

That is a failure mode I hadn't anticipated. My web code should absolutely *not* run with AutoCommit, ever. Time to investigate...

Two Rust crates to interact with a PostgreSQL database:

postgres: A simple blocking API.
diesel: A complete query builder and ORM.

Their dependency trees tell a very different story.

No, computer science, I don't want trade-offs.

I want a database that is optimal for both reads *and* writes.

Argh why does my Raspberry Pi test have to hit a pathological bad case for my new ChiFS indexer?

The new indexer is generally really fast, but slow flash storage + a million files to index + lots of duplicate files is... not great.

# pacman -S sysstat
> Packages (2) lm_sensors-3.6.0-2 sysstat-12.3.3-1

I don't need lm-sensors, let's disable that USE...
Never mind, this isn't :gentoo:

Custom emojis will be our primary means of communication in 2025.

Huh, ARM + musl still isn't a supported target for :rust:¹, but :alpinelinux: does have all the Rust tooling in its package database². Have they managed to make things work somehow?

¹ forge.rust-lang.org/release/pl
² pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/e - they even have an up-to-date Firefox for ARM.

$ torsocks youtube-dl ..

Peak Google avoidance is not ever fetching anything from Youtube at all, but this is getting pretty close.

It's easy to forget how slow hard drives are when you've worked on SSDs for a while.

I wrote a handy little tool.

But now I need to document it.

> Total: 13134G
> Used: 12927G (99%)

Will I ever stop running out of disk space? :cry_konata:

So much interest in ncdu lately.

One bug report or feature request a year is quite enough, thank you. :blobcatnervous:

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