I used to be little annoyed by the fact that tried to distinguish its Macs from the rest of the PCs. Why say "PC and Mac" when Mac is also a computer – I would think.

Obviously I was wrong. Mac might be a computer, but PC stands for "Personal Computer" and since Apple is the one owning "your" Mac. We can't really call it "personal", can we now?

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This week in KDE: Among many, many other things, Plasma warns you when your hard disk or SSD is about to die, apps with GTK headerbars get consistent, and KRunner goes floating around your desktop.


Sing "Yesterday" for Me spoilers 

Aggagaahh, the ending of "Sing "Yesterday" for Me" is so bad.

Don't get me wrong, Haru is the best girl in the show, but the way we get to the end is not justified at all.

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When you hear loud boom noise outside, but it's 2020, so you don't know if it's kids playing with fireworks or war starting.

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I've just finished long, heated internet discussion about trans people that ended with both sides being cool and while disagreeing on some aspects, agreeing about most crucial aspects.


Somebody broke the internet.

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My life would be easier if I weren't so annoyed by people's stupidity.

1. Create new git management tool
2. Name it "git good"
3. ???
4. Profit

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