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Over 1600 DRM-free games (including great titles like Celeste, Night in the Woods, Pyre) for 5$


I'm play myself some random indie games

It's amazing that I'm still watching "Yu-Gi-Oh: Sevens". It's very clearly kids anime and not even especially good one, but I still tune in because:
- Corporate control is still one of its main themes
- They actually follow rules of the game instead of making shit up and for some reason I really enjoy watching those duels

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#KDETip: Open Files from Konsole

1. Hover your cursor over a file name in Konsole. A wild underline appears*.
2. Right click on the name ➡️ "Open File"💡.

* Works for files with associated apps.

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It's amazing how much of a difference cleaning your PC from dust makes :shock_kosaki: .

What's good platform for playing Final Fantasy I?

Is GBA port fine?

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Smartphone privacy 

Contacts access should not be a thing. You can't consent on behalf of everyone in your address book, whose information you would be sharing.

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Funny thing about "Other Friends" is that I'm listening to it over and over again.


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